Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications are necessary to purchase a Floods4Less Franchise?

Owning a Floods4Less Franchise is an opportunity for you to enter a recession-resistant business with exceptional financial incentives. Although previous industry experience is not necessary to operate a Floods4Less Franchise, franchise candidates should possess:

• A strong work ethic and desire to succeed
• Excellent customer service skills
• Sales experience
• Financial requirements to launch and sustain the business
• Hold, or be able to obtain, the necessary contractor’s license

What is my initial investment?

The total estimated cost to open your own Floods4Less business ranges from $155,111 to $238,210. This amount can be reduced by approximately $40,000 if certain equipment is leased instead of purchased.

What training and support does Floods4Less offer?

With extensive experience in business and property damage restoration, our training is unparalleled. The initial training program, including the mold remediation course and set-up training, are conducted at our headquarters in Santee, California, or at a location we designate. The initial training program consists of five (5) days of basic instructions for operating the business, plus the mold remediation course which consists of four (4) days of training, and the set-up training which consists of three (3) days of instruction, for a total of twelve (12) days of training. It also includes sales and marketing, operations, and training in all facets of the business. Field training is also offered at each Franchisee's business location. The specific number of hours for each subject within the training program is more fully described in ITEM 11 of the FDD. The Floods4Less ongoing training also offers online learning programs, and technical assistance is available 24/7 whenever our Franchisees need support.

Is training mandatory? What does it cost?

Training is mandatory. To manage your staff and effectively run your business, it is imperative to complete training at the Floods4Less headquarters. Your start-up training costs are included in your initial franchise fee with the exception of travel, food, and lodging.

Do you offer programs and marketing materials to help promote the business?

Floods4Less offers a wide range of integrated sales and marketing programs designed to target a variety of vertical restoration markets. Programs and campaigns are introduced during training and field trainers work with you on best practices in building business relationships in your community.

How much office space will I need?

If you do not currently lease or own adequate shop space, you must lease or purchase space to operate your franchise outlet in your Area of Primary Responsibility. Typical locations are light industrial and commercial areas. The typical franchised outlet should have about 2,000 square feet. You may want to create separate office space and warehouse space. Rent will vary depending on factors such as size, condition, and location of the leased premises. Estimates for rent are provided in the ITEM 7 Table described in the FDD.

How much money can I make?

As a franchise company, we are regulated as to how an earnings claim can be communicated. We can provide this information to you in written form in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) in ITEM 19, Financial Performance Representations. To obtain the FDD which includes the ITEM 19 section, please complete and submit the Floods4Less Franchise Application.

What is the Disclosure Document?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires sellers of franchises and other business opportunity ventures to provide prospective investors with the information they need to make an informed investment decision. It also requires that all earnings claims be documented, that the information investors receive be complete and accurate, and that investors have adequate time to consider and evaluate the disclosures before making any final purchase commitment. All required information is given to prospective investors in the form of a Franchise Disclosure Document, which must be provided to you 14 calendar days before signing a binding agreement. This document includes many important items of information that you need in order to make an informed decision to purchase a franchise.

Is financing available?

Yes, we can recommend third party lenders or you can seek your own financing. In either case, we will help you through the process.